The spray painting process all occurs in our state-of-the-art oven bake spray painting booth in our body shop.  The booth is equipped with a very powerful vacuum to suck and filter the air inside the paint booth.  This provides a virtually dust-free environment that results in the perfect paint job every time.

The panels are prepared for the painting process with a primer and then sealed as this gives the adhesion for the top color coats.  The clear coats are then applied and the car is baked in the spray painting booth.  It is equipped with a temperature control heater that ‘bakes’ the freshly painted panels to achieve maximum paint hardening.

We take great pride in ensuring the finished smash repair job is perfectly color matched and spray painted.  We give a lifetime guarantee for all our work.

For more information, you can email our friendly staff or call us on 
(03) 9758 1323 to arrange for a free, no obligations quote.

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